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Medical Flowmeters Explained

  Overview of Medical Flowmeters In this video we address the different types, styles, and setting of medical flowmeters. Flowmeters come in 2 common types, thorpe style and dial style. Thorpe style regulators feature a clear polycarbonate tube that allows the user to easily see the liter per minute (LPM) flow rates of the flowmeter. This is achieved through a steel ball moving up and down the clear pressurized polycarbonate tube that identifies precise pressure and aligns with markers on the face of the clear tube. Dial style flowmeters are much different, they are constructed of a durable alluminum housing and do not feature a clear polycarbonate tube to measure air flow, you simply set the flowmeter to the desired LPM. Please see the video for more information. Gas Types Medical flowmeters come in 2 commons types,  Medical Air Flowmeters  and  Medical Oxygen Flowmeters . Common flow ranges for these gas types differ, with oxygen flow meters having a much wider range than medical air