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Dental Nitrous Carts: Porter, Accutron, and The Belmed F300

 Dental Nitrous Carts Belmed is quickly becoming the most popular supplier of dental nitrous carts in the united states, and Covid-19 is giving them a big lead on other manufacturers. Many supply chains have been negatively impacted by the onset of Covid-19, and manufacturers of dental nitrous carts are feeling the pain. Currently, lead times from popular manufacturers of dental nitrous systems, such as Porter, are in excess of 10 weeks, some even claiming 14 week lead times! There isn't any clarification on when these lead times will clear up, but the shortages are working to the benefit of Belmed, and more specifically, the Belmed F300 portable nitrous cart . The Belmed F300 is an analog nitrous flowmeter unit, much like the Accutron PC and Porter's MXR and the MATRX, but is $1000 less on average and every bit as durable, if that's not enough, as of 11/16/2020, the F300 unit is only at a 3-4 week lead time. About Dental Nitrous Carts  Dental flowmeters are medical devices